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Next Level Solar Solutions specializes in professional commercial solar panel installation in Kansas City, KS and beyond. We can provide you with multiple solar energy systems to choose from that work best for your business, depending on your business goals, that will reduce or even eliminate your current electric bill. Investing in commercial solar can help improve your bottom line by reallocating funds that you once used for your electricity bill directly back into your business. In fact, many commercial solar systems have a return on investment that rivals traditional investments. Depending on the size, a solar panel system typically pays for itself within ten years, and the following years of your system will provide substantial savings that can be invested back into your business.

Illuminating Your Business with Sustainable Commercial Solar Panel Installation Service

Welcome to our commercial solar panel installation service — where we merge innovation with sustainability to power your business with clean and cost-effective energy. Our tailored solar solutions are designed to boost your bottom line while reducing your environmental footprint. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Not only can solar lower your monthly electricity expense, it can protect you from rising utility rates in the future. Going solar is a solid investment, no matter where you live, and your savings depends on the utility rates you currently pay and the incentives available to you.
Yes. Both Zillow and have done surveys that confirm that you can increase the value of your home by adding solar. Variables on how much of an increase depend on your location and the size of the solar panel system you have, but inherent value is automatically built into a home with a system that will provide utility savings in the future.
Yes. Next Level Solar Solutions can work with you on a low APR financing options for your solar panel system.
It is estimated that a Next Level Solar Solutions solar panel system will be very durable and capable of generating electricity for at least 25 years. All Next Level Solar Solutions solar equipment comes with industry-leading warranties that protect your investment for at least 25 years.
Many factors go into determining the cost of a solar panel system, including the size of the system, the equipment, and the financing method. Because a solar panel system is a major home upgrade and such a highly customized process, there is no real ballpark figure for solar installation. Next Level Solar Solutions will provide you with a free, no-obligation solar proposal using your energy usage data.
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