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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Kansas City, KS and Beyond
Next Level Solar Solutions is proud to offer professional electric vehicle charger installation in Kansas City, KS and beyond. We provide industry-leading electric vehicle charging stations along with high quality installations to home and business owners throughout Kansas City, KS, and the surrounding areas, including Topeka, Manhattan, Overland Park, Olathe, and Lenexa.

Next Level Solar Solutions looks forward to continuing to help Kansas City and the surrounding communities build the infrastructure that electric vehicles will need as they become more common, and to help our clients pair their EV chargers with renewable power solutions like solar energy. Read more about the types of EV chargers below.

Types of EV Chargers Installed by Electric Vehicle Charger Installers

Did you know that not all EV chargers are the same? And did you know that a home’s electrical supply can affect an EV charge? Two things determine an electric vehicle’s ability to quickly recharge: a home’s electrical supply and the EV charging unit itself. EV chargers are broken down into three levels: Level one chargers are the slowest, while level three chargers are the fastest.

Level 1 Chargers from Electric Vehicle Charger Installers

Level 1 chargers usually come standard with an electric vehicle. Because they use a standard 120V outlet, these chargers are most useful for slow overnight charges. The charging speed ranges from 3 to 5 miles per hour.

Level 2 Chargers Installed by Electric Vehicle Charger Installers

Level 2 chargers are faster than Level 1 chargers, but Level 2 chargers require an electrician for installation. These chargers also need a dedicated 240-volt circuit capable of supplying a current strong enough to charge an electric vehicle at a faster rate. The charging speed ranges from 12 to 80 miles per hour.

Level 3 Chargers

Level 3 chargers are the fastest, but they require an industrial supply of power, making them difficult for homeowners to install, but ideal for commercial applications. The charging speed ranges from 3 to 20 miles per minute.

Building a Sustainable Future with Electric Vehicle Charger Installers

Welcome to our EV Charger Installation Services. We’re dedicated to advancing sustainable transportation and making electric vehicle ownership convenient and efficient. Our certified experts specialize in the seamless installation of electric vehicle chargers for homes, businesses, and public spaces, providing a greener, more accessible future for all.


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, all EV chargers are universal; however, you will want to confirm that the plug for your vehicle is compatible with the EV charger you install. There are also new bidirectional chargers, which can allow you to back up your home power with your vehicle in case of a grid outage.
Yes, depending on how often you need to charge. We can estimate how much electricity you will consume based on the number of miles you drive per month. However, if you pair your EV with a solar panel system on your home, you can charge your vehicle with solar power, which will cost much less than what you will pay a utility company.
The costs vary and depend greatly on what EV charger you choose, as well as your home’s existing electrical system. Next Level Solar Solutions can go over all of your EV charger options with you and offer you a free custom estimate for your home.